Un aperçu approfondi de la fabrication de la boîte en carton ondulé

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If you work in the shipping or packaging sector, you almost certainly handle cardboard boxes on a daily basis.

Boîtes en carton ondulé are a crucial part of many businesses and industries because they are one of the main products used to package and ship goods of all kinds around the world.

Even though you might use corrugated boxes frequently, it's unlikely that you've ever given much thought to their origins or manufacturing process.

It is easy to overlook the fact that the boxes you rely on were once trees that grew in forests all over the world. Contrary to popular belief, the process of turning a tree into corrugated cardboard is truly fascinating.

What Is A Corrugated Box?

Corrugated boxes are boxes regularly used as transportation vessels. Every product at your preferred supermarket, high-end retailer, or shopping center was carefully delivered in corrugated cardboard boxes that were designed and built for transportation purposes.

These boxes offer an incredible amount of product protection on their own, but to improve the protection of delicate items, internal components like cushioning, bracing, and blocking are typically required.

Materials Used to Make Corrugated box.

There are the materials needed to make a good corrugated box: 

  • Fast-growing pine trees.
  • Glue formed by corn starch is used to join the corrugated medium. In order to keep the glue until it is needed, it is given as a dry powder as more is required.
  • Paraffin waxes or vegetable oils are used to make a water or grease-resistant container for food products.

boîtes en carton ondulé

Corrugating Cardboard

Avant de plonger dans la façon dont boîtes en carton ondulé are made, you need to know how corrugated cardboard is made since it is the foundational element in making a corrugated box.

So how is cardboard made? Corrugated cardboard is made by sandwiching fluting (the middle layer of corrugated cardboard that is configured in a wave-shaped pattern of arches) between two liners.

The boxes' strength comes from the fluting, which also helps prevent damage to goods while being transported.

Rolls of Kraft are fed through a corrugated roller machine to undergo a procedure that was first designed in the 18th century to add ruffles to clothing such as skirts and blouses. This produces the fluting look. Corrugating is the term for action.

A roll of corrugated material is inserted into the machine along with a roll of liner that will subsequently be connected with it.

The bridge, a flat structure spanning the corrugating rolls, is traversed by the second roll of the liner. At a subsequent stage of the procedure, the liners are attached to the corrugated media.

Making Boxes From Corrugated Cardboard

When corrugated cardboard exits the machine, a slitter-scorer trims it to create box blanks. The blanks slide off the machine and onto a stacker, where they are then put on a rolling platform.

They are then brought to additional machinery that transforms the flat cardboard pieces into practical shipping containers.

Flexographic machines, sometimes referred to as "flexos," process box blanks by using dies and die-cutting patterns.

The box blanks are put into the flexo after the dies and patterns have been placed onto the rollers. The blank is trimmed, scored, sliced, and printed as it passes through the rollers.

After being folded into a box shape and being glued together, it enters a printer-folder-gluer. The completed boxes are automatically stacked after which

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