Qu’est-ce que les produits d’emballage en plastique flexible ?

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In the packaging industry today, flexible plastic packaging is recognized to be one of the fast growing trend.

Flexible plastic packaging is a way by which products are packaged using non-rigid material.

Although, this method of packaging is relatively new to the market, it has grown to be popular as a result of its high efficiency and cost effective nature.

The materials used in this method of packaging are flexible. This materials include plastic, foil and paper to create bags, pouches and other containers which are pliable.

Flexible plastic packaging constitute several plastic materials which are used solely for the purpose of packaging several products.

The product or item to be packaged determines the type of plastic packaging to be used, because flexible plastic packaging are of different kind.

Usually, the materials used in plastic packaging products widely are polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and some others.

Overtime it has been observed that is very appropriate, simple and easy to keep, package and distribute pharmaceutical products, food items, beverages and other consumable items using plastic packaging products.

plastic packaging product.

Not only that, but it is also much economical using this kind of packaging.

Come to think of it, flexible plastic packaging in some way keeps your product from spoiling easily. Hence it ensures a longer life span of the products, reducing the losses and making the distribution effective.

Plastic packaging products are very important and good when it comes to packaging your products. However, it is expedient to get a good supplier in order to ensure the safety of your product and it's efficiency.

There are varieties of forms, shapes and sizes in which plastic packaging products can be produced. And also, it's normally produced in a configuration that's either formed or unformed.

For the formed plastic packaging products, they are pre-shaped, giving you a choice of filling and sealing it yourself in your house.

However, for unformed plastic packaging products, they come on a roll and are sent to a co-packer who will form and fill it.

Combining and manipulating this packaging into customized or innovative style is easy due to the kind of material used for this flexible packaging.

Let's look at some of the materials used for plastic packaging products.

produit d'emballage en plastique

  • Sachets: Sachet is a type of produit d'emballage en plastique. It is a flat packet composed of layered materials. Their usage is often in single-use personal care and pharmaceutical products. This packaging is ideal for trade shows when you want to distribute samples.
  • Sample pouches: These are small pouches which could be made of foil and/or film and then sealed with heat. Normally, they are pre-formed so that they can be easily filled and sealed in the house.
  • Printed pouches: printed pouches are simply sample pouches carrying the printed information of the product and brand solely for the purpose of marketing.
  • Stock bags: Stock bags are also a type of plastic packaging products. They are bags and pouches which are simple and blank. They could either be used as blank bags or pouches, or have a label sticked to them for the purpose of promoting the brand.
  • Printed roll stock: These are plastic packaging products which comprise of pouch materials that are unformed. They carry a pre-print of the information of the product on it. These rolls are then sent to a co-packer who form, fill and seal the product.

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