Introduction de base de la boîte en carton ondulé

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What is a corrugated box?

A boîte en carton ondulé is a disposable container whose sides are made up of layers of material that include an inside layer, outer layer, and middle layer. The middle layer, between the outer and inner layers, is fluted, which are rigid wave shaped arches that provide cushioning and support for weighted materials placed in a corrugated box.The common cardboard box has been around for over 200 years. The adding of flutes for corrugation began in the middle of the first industrial revolution. Over the years, since its development, the corrugated box has become the most common form of shipping container and is found in every aspect of material management and transport.

boîte en carton ondulé

How is corrugated cardboard made?

Carton ondulé is made using a starch glue to bond the inner and outer ‘liners’ with the fluting to give the board it’s structure. Double walled and triple walled cardboard is made by using one or two additional liners and layers of fluting respectively. The fluting structure is designed to support heavier weights and provide a higher level of resistance and rigidity, whilst the air that circulates around it provides insulation against temperature fluctuations. Fluting itself comes in a range of options, with the most popular for single wall cartons being B Flute, C Flute, or E Flute. Double and triple wall cartons often use a combination of these flutings, for example BC Flute and EB Flute (two common flutings for double wall cartons which combine B and C flute and B and E flute respectively).


The benefits of using corrugated boxes


The ability of corrugated boxes to keep moisture and bacteria out are part of their protective strength. They serve as a stable cushion and come in sizes that can vary according to the need of the items to be shipped.

Corrugated boxes keep products safe during long-distance transportation, shipping, and handling. The type of corrugated protection can be adjusted for fragile and delicate items using varied thicknesses and sizes.

The wavy fluted medium provides a lightweight layer of protection. Corrugated fiberboard offers excellent protection against the elements as well as the wear and tear of shipping. The lightweight of corrugated fiberboard makes it a better shipping material than wood or plastic as well as being far less expensive and easier to recycle, which makes it better for the environment and pocketbook.


Bien qu'il existe des formes et des tailles standard de boîtes en carton ondulé, elles peuvent facilement être fabriquées pour s'adapter à tout type de circonstances et de demandes. Une partie supplémentaire de leur personnalisation est la possibilité d'imprimer sur leurs côtés ou sur le haut et le bas les logos et les dessins de l'entreprise.

Coatings, treatments, and different adhesives can be added as well as flame resistant finishes. Corrugated boxes come in all sizes to be easily folded into different shapes to make a perfect fit.

High-quality custom designs give a product that extra lift to make the product stand out to be recognized. Good quality shipping materials reinforce the values of a company‘s operation and the power of their brand. By having a well-engineered and creative display on a corrugated box, a company creates a stronger lasting brand identity.


The main reason that corrugated boxes have become so widely used is their cost compared to other forms of containers. Their use does not require increased labor, expensive tooling, or specialized equipment. Once they have met their usefulness, the corrugated fiberboard can be returned for recycling and remanufacturing.

Création de marque

Every company is constantly devising methods to make their image and name known. One of the least expensive methods for achieving this goal is by placing your name and brand on a corrugated box, which can have any form, color, design, or configuration. The smallest company can appear to be a major competitor by creating a sophisticated and quality design to put on their shipping boxes. Custom branding impresses customers and presents a professional appearance.

boîte en carton ondulé

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